FITA regler for 3D ændret

FITA har udstrukket nye regler for 3D skydning! Det vil få stor betydning for en del skytter da der fremover SKAL skydes med splitfingre.

FITA: Finger and hand protection in the form of finger stalls or tips, gloves, shooting tab
or tape (plaster) to draw, hold back and release the string is permitted. The following equipment is permitted:
· On the bow hand an ordinary glove, mitten or similar
item may be worn but must not be attached to the grip;
The following restrictions apply:
· The finger protection must not incorporate any device to
hold, draw and release the string;
· An anchor plate or similar device attached to the finger
protection (tab) for the purpose of anchoring is not
· The bow must be shot using the “Mediterranean” loose
(three finger loose with 1 finger above and 2 fingers
below the arrow), with 1 fixed anchor point. No string
walking or face walking is permitted.